In this section, special processing of SYOYO payroll accounting for non-resident employee are described

SYOYO Payroll Function for Non-Resident Employee

SYOYO Payroll Period

The SYOYO payroll period (begin data and end date of period, pay date of SYOYO) must be maintained in the customizing table for each payroll accounting area. This information is used in the income tax calculation to proportionally divide the total amount to resident period (domestic income) part and non-resident period part.

Income Tax

Domestic income tax is calculated by applying a 20% tax rate to the SYOYO amount which belongs to resident period part.

Bank Transfers

As in the normal SYOYO accounting, the domestic portion of the payment is proportionally transferred to the main bank and the second bank defined in Infotype 0009 Bank details.

Concerning the overseas portion of the payment, if there are entries defined in the new overseas bank subtypes, the correspondent amounts are proportionally transferred to the overseas main bank and the overseas second bank. If no entry exists, bank transfers are not carried out for overseas portion part.

If overseas portion part of the payment is not to be paid directory to non-resident employee, bank details information for overseas portion part should not be maintained with employee’s private bank account. In this case, maintain special bank account which belongs to the company for special purpose or not maintain at all.