Reversal of Goods Receipts/Calendar


Reversal of Goods Receipts

As of Release 4.0A, reversals of goods receipts are taken into account in the computation of the scores for the criteria "On-time delivery performance", "Quantity reliability", "Adherence to confirmation date", and "Compliance with shipping instructions". The reversals relate to a purchase order item.


The system takes into account only goods receipts into the warehouse/ stores against purchase orders and scheduling agreements and the release of GR blocked stock into the warehouse/stores plus the associated reversals. In the standard system, these are the movement types 101, 105 and 102, 106.

This functional enhancement is intended to cater for input errors that are immediately corrected by the receiving clerk, since the system only considers the last goods receipt that caused the score to be updated.

Scores for on-time delivery performance and adherence to confirmation date

The last individual score awarded for a goods receipt is cancelled if

If several reversal documents are posted in succession against a PO item, or a reversal is posted for an earlier goods receipt, only the score that was recorded for the last goods receipt is cancelled.


Four goods receipts are posted against a PO item, each of which resulted in the cumulative score being updated:

Goods receipt Indiv. score
20 pcs. 60
40 pcs. 80
10 pcs. 30
15 pcs. 40

After the posting of the four goods receipts, the following cases are conceivable:

In all three cases, only the score recorded for the last goods receipt is cancelled (i.e. 40).


If a reversal took place after the first receipt of 20 pcs. and another one after the second receipt of 40 pcs., the system would cancel the score of 60 after the first reversal and the score 80 after the second reversal.

The points outlined in the example also apply to the cancellation of scores for quantity reliability and compliance with shipping instructions.

Score for quantity reliability

The score recorded for the last goods receipt is cancelled if a goods receipt is reversed. If the reversal quantity is less than or equal to the last GR quantity, the system checks whether the GR quantity is greater than or equal to the quantity ordered. If so, a new score is recorded.


Only the last-recorded score is cancelled even if the reversal quantity exceeds the last GR quantity.

Score for compliance with shipping instructions

The score recorded for the last goods receipt is cancelled if a goods receipt is reversed.

Computation of new overall score (OS):

The system performs the following calculation:

		old OS - score from last GR X smoothing factor 
New OS  = ----------------------------------------------- 
		1 - smoothing factor

Special case

If only one goods receipt was posted in a certain period and just one unsmoothed score was recorded for this receipt, the score is cancelled in accordance with the above formula in the event that this receipt is reversed.

This means that if a score of 70 was recorded after the goods receipt, the overall score is still 70 following the reversal.

In the case of a smoothing factor of 0,2 the new overall score is calculated as follows:

	 70 - 70 X 0.2 
70 = ------------- 
	 1 - 0.2


As of Release 4.0A, you can define a calendar for each purchasing organization in the Customizing facility for Vendor Evaluation. This is applied in the computation of scores for the criteria "Adherence to confirmation date" and "On-time delivery performance".


You are using a calendar that excludes sundays and public holidays as workdays. The statistical delivery date was a Friday, but the vendor does not deliver until the following Monday. The system then calculates the score on the basis of the delivery time variance of one day instead of three days.

Change system parameters in customizing

You define the calendar in Customizing:

Define purchasing organization data