Foreign currency balance sheets for banks


Banks require the functionality to create balance sheets in a foreign currency. Until now, however, balance sheet reporting (report program 'RFBILA00') and the G/L accounts information system (drilldown reporting tool) did not include the option of making selections by a certain transaction currency (foreign currency).

Building on the function developed for 4.0A, which enabled you to evaluate any FI-SL summary table using the drilldown reporting tool, this functionality can also be applied to the general ledger transaction figures (table GLT0) as of Release 4.0B. In contrast with the reporting functionality available until now, you can make selections by transaction currency (foreign currency) here.


The release information

Drilldown Reports for FI-SL Tables for 4.0A describes how you can activate an FI-SL summary table for evaluation with the drilldown reporting tool. You carry out the same activities for the general ledger transaction figures in table GLT0.

The system create an evaluation in the foreign currency if, in addition to the usual entries, you specify the currency type 00, a document currency, and a currency key on the selection screen.