Real Estate Management: 4.0B Correspondence


1. The following has changed in 4.0B:
a) In most letters you can now also print the amounts in another currency as well as in the existing currency. To do so, you enter in the selection screen of the respective program the currency to which you want to translate the amounts and the date of translation. You can then print the chosen currency (field VISCRIPT-SWHRKNDCUK) and the key day for the translation (field VISCRIPT-DEXCHCUK).

Additional fields are available for the translated amounts. The names of these fields all end in "CUK", which makes them easier to find. It is stated in the field documentation of these fields that they are intended for translation (for instance in the rent adjustment correspondence the amount VIMI16_ZUS-BANPASS may be translated into the currency VIMI16_ZUS-SWHRKNDCUK and the translated amount then appears in field VIMI16_ZUS-BANPASSCUK).

There is no translation into another currency for the Swiss rent adjustment letter. Do not use these additional fields here. For instance you cannot use fields VIMI16_ZUS-SWHRKNDCUK and VIMI16_ZUS-BANPASSCUK, but you can use VIMI16_ZUS-BANPASS as before.
b) You can now display amounts in several currencies in the tenant account sheet. You use the new fields to do so. Change your text modules for the tenant account sheet if required.
For more details, refer to the documentation of program RFVIMK01.

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2. The following new function has been added to 4.0B:
You can now create letters with rental agreement conditions in euro and in the original currency. The requirement for this is that you have carried out the conversion to the euro and have made no subsequent changes to the rental agreement conditions.
For more details, refer to the documentation of program RFVIEU01.
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