Subsequent (End-of-Period Rebate) Settlement: Conversion of Rebate Arrangement Currency


In the case of a general currency conversion with fixed exchange rates (e.g. changeover to the euro), it is possible to change the rebate arrangement currency even during the validity period of the arrangement.

The following conversion procedures are possible:

1. Conversion of rebate arrangement currency at any desired point in time (e.g. at a time desired by the vendor). After the currency changeover, all settlements are effected in the new currency only. Scale and condition bases remain in the old currency. In the background, the system continues to work with the old rebate arrangement currency.
This procedure enables you to dispense with the otherwise necessary recompilation of the vendor business volumes and rebate income figures in the Logistics Information System. Because there are fixed exchange rates between the currencies of the European Monetary Union, no problems arise as a result of the necessary currency translations.
2. Conversion of rebate arrangement currency at time of extension of arrangement (longer-term arrangement: calendar assigned) or at time of creation using the referencing technique. The cumulative updating of the rebate income and provisions for accrued income is carried out for the extended arrangement in the new currency. At the same time, the currencies of the condition records can be changed.

The system issues explicit warning messages if rebate arrangements containing EMU currencies that are still to be converted (i.e. currencies with fixed exchange rates) are processed.

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Subsequent (End-of-Period Rebate) Settlement