New movement types for transferring special stocks E, K, and Q


Prior to Release 4.0B, you could transfer sales order stock (E), vendor consignment stock (K), and project stock (Q) into your company's own stock using the following movement types:

As of Release 4.0B, you have to work with movement type 411 (reversal 412) to carry out transfer postings from these special stocks to your company's own stock. You now enter the type of special stock from which you want to transfer using the special stock indicator.

This adjustment was necessary to enable you to carry out transfer postings from valuated sales order stock and project stock. To this end, the value string WA04 was also changed. This value string valuates transfer postings for goods movements.

If you do not use the special stock indicator, the system uses movement types 411 and 311 to carry out the posting (transfer posting storage location in one step).

XPRA program for table T156X

As a result of the change to value string WA04, the account groupings had to be converted for the movement types that are valuated using value string WA04.

TheXPRA program RM0740BX: XPRA report for Release 4.0B - Inventory Management: string WA04 is being provided with Release 4.0B.

The table T156X is adapted to your system using this report. More information on this procedure is contained in the report documentation.

SAP only recommends that you check these account groupings after the XPRA program has been completed successfully if you have your own account groupings.

Changes in procedure

If you want to enter a transfer posting of special stocks E, K, and Q in your company's own stocks, you can use the following movement types:

Further notes

In the course of Release 4.0B, you can still use movement types 401 to 406 for carrying out transfer postings for non-valuated special stocks. You can only carry out transfer postings for valuated sales order and valuated project stock using movement types 411/412.

As of Release 4.0C, movement types 401 to 406 will no longer be supported.