SSP Easement has been activated for 4.0B


The SSP Easement checkbox on infotype 84 (SSP Control) can now be used for employees who have opted out of SSP.

For the period the flag is checked, no SSP payments will be made to the employee. Instead, the nominal amount that would have been paid is stored in two new wagetypes, /SSE (SSP Easement day) and /SEY (SSP Easement nominal amt).

Wagetype /SSE mirrors the daily SSP payments of /SSP (SSP Paid day). Using new value 7 in processing class 64, PCR G051 sums /SSE amounts into /SEY, which has the same settings as /SPY (SSP Amount).

The payroll driver SSP processing uses absence valuation 51 for SSP Easement days, determined by the flag on infotype 84. Program RPCLPCG0 has been enhanced to show SE (SSP Easement) entries on the personal calendar and the nominal amount for each day.

A batch input program, RPISSEG0, allows mass update of infotype 84 to set the SSP Easement flag for a range of employees. The program contains further on-line documentation.