Withholding tax report 210A with DME for Spain.


Program RFKQSE20 creates withholding tax report 210A with a list and a DME file. The 210A report contains the payments and the withholding tax amounts relating to vendors who carry on business in Spain without actually being resident there.

Both payments and down payments are reported.

The DME file is either stored on the application server. If required, it can be stored on the presentation server (PC).

Change system parameters in customizing

The vendors in question must be flagged as subject to withholding tax, and during document entry, withholding tax codes must be entered. Your withholding tax functions must be so configure such as to allow it to be be posted at the time of payment. Down payments must be posted as a special G/L transaction. This ensures that they are processed separately from other transactions.

The alternative currency keys must likewise be so configured as required by the 210A report. You must also define an income type per withholding tax code. The documentation supplied by the Spanish authorities can be used as a reference for these settings.