Restructured Component Hierarchy in Product Cost Controlling


For Release 4.0 the component hierarchy for Product Cost Controlling has been revised. The application menus, the Implementation Guide, and the report trees in the Information System were modified to reflect the new structure.

The new component hierarchy for Product Cost Controlling consists of the following nodes:

Product Cost Planning

In Product Cost Planning the transfer of the costing results to the material master is now regarded as a separate function (Price Update).

Cost Object Controlling

Cost Object Controlling is no longer oriented to the production methods of Production Planning but rather focuses on Controlling.

In make-to-stock production you choose between Product Cost by Period with production cost collectors and possibly cost object hierarchies, and Product Cost by Order in which the production order or process order is your main focus.

In sales-order-related production, you choose between Product Cost by Sales Order, in which the sales order is your main focus, and Product Cost by Period or Product Cost by Order, in which the focus is on the product to be sold.

When it becomes available in a later release, the Product Cost by Responsibility Area component will focus on the responsibility area (plant, cost center, work center).

In the

Costs for Intangible Goods and Services component, you can use either cost objects or internal orders.

Actual Costing/Material Ledger

In addition to the existing functions of the Material Ledger, new functions for periodic costing of materials are available in which all costs of a period are assigned to the relevant materials. In a later release, these functions will be expanded to enable multilevel actual costing which registers all goods movements in production and assigns the actual costs of the raw materials to the semifinished and finished products.

Product Cost Controlling Information System

The report trees have been adapted to reflect the new component hierarchy.

Changes to the interface

The menus for material costing (previously called product costing) and Reference and Simulation Costing (previously called base object costing) have been moved to the Product Cost Planning menu. The functions of the costing run are now integrated in this menu. There are new transactions for the maintenance of the additive costs (previously called manual costs).

Cost Object Controlling contains the following functions:

In the period closing functions there are new functions for the allocation of process costs and the revaluation of activities at actual activity prices.

The menu Actual Costing/Material Ledger is located both in Product Cost Controlling and in Materials Management. New functions are provided for single-level material settlement and the associated closing entries.