Product allocation: Macro-operations in flexible planning


KO: determines free/unused allocation quantities

Allocation quantity KO order entry quantity = free allocation quantity

KA: determines unconfirmed quantity

Allocation quantity KA order entry quantity = unconfirmed quantity

Both macro-operations consume the order entry quantity against the allocation quantity. Consumption is carried out with ATP with cumulated quantities.

Free allocation quantities from previous periods and the allocation quantities of the subsequent periods are also consumed against the order entry quantity.

The number of periods before and after the current period that are to be used for consumption can be set in Maintenance View V_T190V (or in the IMG for availability check against product allocations under 'Define consumption periods'. You make the setting per info structure.

KO determines the remaining free allocation quantity for a period

KA determines the remaining unconfirmed quantity for a period

This consumption of the order entry quantities against the allocation quantity is also used during product allocation in the order. the macro- opperations are needed to display the free allocation quantities and the unconfirmed order entry quantities in the planning table.

The macro operations are not, however, linked to product allocation.