Planning Delivery Schedule Processing


In addition to forecast and just-in-time (JIT) delivery schedules, Release 4.0 contains a new type of delivery schedule for the component supplier industry. The planning delivery schedule is an internal delivery schedule that has been designed to help you:

Planning delivery schedules are normally generated directly from a forecast delivery schedule. You can, however, use sources other than the scheduling agreement, such as data from Sales and Operations Planning (SOP).

The planning delivery schedule is used for planning and, if required, as a basis for delivery. When it is relevant for planning or delivery, the planning delivery schedule replaces the forecast delivery schedule.

Since the planning delivery schedule most often deviates from the forecast delivery schedule, this original is stored unchanged in the scheduling agreement. In this way, you can easily review any changes that have been made.

New functions

Creating planning delivery schedules

To create a delivery schedule, you must first enter a planning delivery schedule instruction in the scheduling agreement item. Other than that, you maintain a planning delivery schedule in the same way as a forecast or JIT delivery schedule.

You can create a planning delivery schedule by:

This function is ideal when you receive incoming EDI forecast delivery schedules.

Depending on the settings you make in Customizing, the system assembles schedule lines in the planning delivery schedule by:

The characteristics of the planning delivery schedule are determined by the instruction that you specify in delivery schedule control (Goto - Item - More - Dlv. sched. control ). This planning delivery schedule instruction controls:

If you have set the system to split schedule lines in the forecast delivery schedule, the system does this according to the rule, or rules, that you set in Customizing for each instruction. The splitting rule controls:

The system takes a holiday rule into account when assigning split quantities to weekdays.
The system assigns any remaining quantity to the first days of the relevant week or month for which a split share has been entered.

You can specify how long each rule is valid (splitting rule range), and whether each rule is relevant for weekly or monthly schedule lines. Daily schedule lines in a forecast delivery schedule are copied unchanged into the planning delivery schedule.

Analyzing planning delivery schedules

The same analysis functions available for forecast and JIT delivery schedules are available for planning delivery schedules. This includes:

User exits

Once the system has completed a planning delivery schedule, it copies the generated schedule lines to an internal table where you can rework the data according to your particular requirements.

With user exit EXIT_SAPFV45L_001 you can, for example:

When splitting schedule lines, the system accesses the unloading point calendar. With user exit EXIT_SAPFV45L_002, you can set the system to access another calendar directly at the beginning of the splitting process. This user exit is ideal when there is no calendar available, for example when no unloading point has been specified for the item.

Changes to the interface

The following fields and menu options are new in the scheduling agreement:

Use this option to branch to the planning delivery schedule screen where you can generate a new delivery schedule or maintain an existing one.
The planning delivery schedule screen is similar to the other delivery schedule screens. Here, the Generate plan. dlv. sched. pushbutton is the primary function. The pushbutton Plan dlv sched w/o proposal is available as well if you want to create a delivery schedule without schedule lines, which you then enter manually.


For further information on configuring your system to process planning delivery schedules, see the Customizing activity for maintaining instructions and splitting rules.