ALE: Transmission of Release Documentation in Distributed Systems


ALE: Transmission of Release Documentation in Distributed Systems in the Case of Scheduling Agreements Linked to a Contract

Release documentation in the case of a centrally agreed contract

The centrally agreed contract (central contract) is available as of Release 3.0. Local R/3 systems can create release orders against such contracts. The release documentation is updated in the central contract accordingly. This is carried out via Application Link Enabling (ALE).

However, there is no provision for the repeated transmission of release documentation records. This is possible as of SAP Release 4.0A.

Release documentation in the case of scheduling agreements referencing a centrally agreed contract

As of Release 4.0A, you have the option of creating scheduling agreements with a link to a centrally agreed contract.
(For more on this topic, refer to Scheduling Agreement with Link to Centrally Agreed Contract.)

When you create or change delivery schedule lines belonging to such scheduling agreements, the release documentation is automatically updated in the central contract via ALE. In the process, the sum of the quantities of all schedule lines is taken into account. This information is used by the central purchasing department in the main R/3 system as the basis for strategic decisions.


Release documentation records for schedule lines generated via an MRP run are not taken into account when the contract release documentation is updated.

To cause such records also to be transmitted to the central system via ALE, you can use the menu "Logistics -> Release docu. -> Send".
You will find this menu under "Tools -> Business Framework -> ALE -> Master data".

Report RBDSERED is started via this menu. This report selects all release documentation records with order categories "F" (external order)and "L" (scheduling agreement) for transmission.


Since only release documentation records with the order categories "F" or "L" (new as of Release 4.0A) are taken into account, with regard to any older documents you may wish to have included you must set the order category "F" (using report RM06EKAB) in all relevant release documentation records.

Change system parameters in customizing

Up to SAP Release 3.0, the customer exit EXIT_SAPLEINM_003 is available. It serves the purpose of customer-specific supplementation of the IDoc segment E1RDOCU. It contains the information of the current release documentation record in the structure MEKPO.

As of Release 4.0A, this customer exit contains the structure MEKAB instead of the structure MEKPO.

In order to continue to work as previously, you must adapt the exit to the structure MEKAB.