Scheduling Agreement with Link to Centrally Agreed Contract


As of Release 4.0A, you can combine the advantages of procurement using scheduling agreements with those of procurement via central contracts.

In conjunction with the materials planning and control system, scheduling agreements enable you to procure required materials on a "Just in Time" basis. The exact quantities and dates orientate themselves directly upon the requirement situation of the plant.

Centrally agreed contracts are contracts that are negotiated by a strategic purchasing organization (reference purchasing organization) for the entire corporate group. All other purchasing organizations can take advantage of the terms and conditions of such contracts (which, as a rule, are particularly favorable) by issuing release orders against them.

As of Release 4.0A, you can create scheduling agreements with reference to a centrally agreed contract. This enables you to create ordinary delivery schedules and scheduling agreement releases (FRC and JIT schedules) for the purpose of "Just in Time" delivery, utilizing the favorable prices negotiated by the central buying unit.

A precondition for use of the new functionality is that

Change system parameters in customizing

If you work with the Customizing settings for the access sequences supplied in the standard system, you need make no additional settings in order to use scheduling agreements linked to central contracts.

The access sequences supplied in the standard system have been supplemented as follows:

- access sequence 0002 and access 013
- access sequence KB01 and access 003

If wish to use your own access sequences rather than those provided in the standard system, note that the new fields must be filled as follows:
Field KOMP-ELPAK with the number of the scheduling agmt.
Field KOMP-ELPAP with the no. of the scheduling agmt. item
Field KOMP-ELPAT with the order category 'L'
Fields EVRTN, EVRTP, EVRTT with the contract fields

The standard version of the system is set up in such a way that a new price determination process is carried out at the time of goods receipt.

Changes to the interface

There is a new menu: "Create Scheduling Agreement with Reference to Contract".
If you create a scheduling agreement in this way, a box appears in which you can enter the number of the contract whose prices and conditions are to be used in the scheduling agreement.

The link between the two documents is identifiable on the statistical screen for the scheduling agreement item.

Further notes

The conditions of the contract are not inserted into the scheduling agreement as fixed conditions: you can change the adopted conditions in the agreement or enter additional ones.