Value Limits: Enhancements


Up to Release 3.0 it is possible to assign an overall limit, contract limits, and free limits.

As of Release 4.0A, you can also set value limits for standard service catalogs and model service specifications.

Assume, for example, you have a set of model specifications for cleaning work. By setting an appropriate limit you can allow services actually performed that are defined in these specifications to be entered up to a certain value.

Changes to the interface

There is a new indicator "Price percentage" in the value limits for contract specifications, model service specifications, and the standard service catalog. Here you can enter a percentage (plus or minus), which the system calculates as an addition or a deduction.


You have a contract with a vendor for cleaning work to be carried out at certain prices. For a once-only clean-up operation following the completion of building conversion work, you agreed to pay a surcharge of 10% on all work covered by the contract due to the increased amount and particularly arduous nature of the work in this case. You do not have to create a separate purchase order for this work. Instead you set the price percentage of +10% in the contract limit of a release order created against your already existing contract. At the time the services actually performed are recorded, the system calculates a 10% higher price for each service (here: cleaning activity) covered by this contract.