QM: Enhancements in Inspection Planning


As of Release 4.0A, you can use the following new functions in the inspection plan:

Copying data from other plans

When you process an inspection plan, you can copy inspection characteristics into the plan. You can copy the characteristics from other operations in the same plan or from other operations in a different plan.

Copying data from the characteristic level to the characteristic value level

In Release 3.0, you could process material-dependent characteristic values. To reduce the time and effort required to record the data, you can now copy the data that you have already processed at the characteristic level (for example, tolerances or catalog codes) to the characteristic value level, to allow you to make material-specific changes to the data.

Displaying reference operation sets

If the operations of a reference operation set are specified in an inspection plan, the system displays the task list group and the group counter of the reference operation set in the operation overview. This allows you to determine the following information:

Enhancements in the authorization check

In Customizing for the inspection plan, you can activate the enhanced authorization check for the "delete" function. You can only use the following functions if you have the authorization to delete objects in the inspection plan:

This function is controlled by authorization object Q_ROUT, field "Activity" (value 06).

If you do not activate the authorization check in Customizing for the task list type parameters, you only need the authorization to change inspection plans.