Support for Connecting Devices at External Output Management Systems


With Release 4.0A, the R/3 spool system offers an interface for connecting printers and other output devices by way of an external output management system (OMS). For this type of printer connection, the spool system offers the new access method E as well as facilities for defining the external OMS and the commands needed for accessing it. Both command-line querying and delivery of status information by way of RFC callback from the external OMS system are supported.

The new support for external OMSs is intended to allow customers to integrate R/3 printing with existing output management infrastructures.

For more information, please see the R/3 Printing Guide: Menu path Help -> R/3 Library -> BC -> Printing Guide.

System administration changes

An additional method for connecting printers and other output devices to the R/3 System is now available, as well as the possibility of integrating R/3 output management into an existing output management infrastructure.