New Spool System Profile Parameter RSPO/LPQ/RETRIES


With this new parameter, it is possible to limit the number of times that the spool system attempts to complete a status query. The limit imposed by the parameter applies to automatic querying (status polling) that the R/3 spool system carries out under the "network" access methods: S (SAPWIN / PC printing); U (remote Unix system).

Printing performance can be impaired if the spool system attempts to query a device but could not establish a network connection to the device. In this case, the spool system must wait for communication timeouts to break off the attempted query. It then retries the query the number of times specified in this parameter. Setting the parameter to a low value (such as the default value of 5) prevents the problem from degrading performance indefinitely.

Should querying be terminated because of this limit, the status of the affected output request is set to Problem . Termination of querying has no effect on whether the output request is actually printed. Rather, it signals that the spool system was unable to determine the final status of the output request and that a check of the destination PC or server may be indicated.

System administration changes

Since the parameter is set by default to a reasonable value (5 query retries), no change to system profiles is required. If you have frequent non-critical problems querying end user PCs that have been switched off, then you can set a lower limit to further limit query delays.