The Obsolete Infotype (1014)


The Obsolete infotype allows you to mark an occupied position or work center as obsolete. This means that a position or work center is no longer required by your company.


It is used most frequently when you work with positions, although it can also be used with work centers. Obsolescence can occur for several reasons. For example, after a merger, a downsizing, or reorganization, positions and work centers may become redundant.


If you plan to use the Career and Succession Planning component of HR, you must maintain this infotype. Career planning checks for positions marked as obsolete, so that a new position can be found for the holder of the obsolete position.

When the holder of an obsolete position is reassigned or leaves the company, the system prompts you to delimit the position’s validity period.

You can maintain this infotype using Detail Maintenance, by creating infotype records one at a time. Or, you can work in Simple Maintenance, where procedures are streamlined.