purchase requisition

Materials Management (MM)

Request or instruction to Purchasing to procure a certain quantity of a material or a service so that it is available at a certain point in time.


Business object


A purchase requisition consists of a number of items, for each of which a certain procurement type is defined. The following procurement types exist:

The item contains the quantity and delivery date of the material to be supplied or the quantity of the service to be performed.

With respect to items involving subcontracting work, the material components to be provided to the subcontractor can be specified for each delivery date.

An item of the procurement type "service" comprises a set of service specifications. The specifications are structured by means of outline levels and the quantity ordered and delivery date are set out in service lines. Value limits are stipulated in place of service lines for services that cannot be specified precisely.

If services are requested against contracts, the requisition item can contain a value limit relating to a certain contract.

The costs incurred as a result of the procurement can be apportioned among different Controlling objects through the account assignment.

A purchase requisition can be fulfilled by means of purchase orders or outline purchase agreements.

SAP Retail (IS-R)

The purchase requisition is an optional step prior to the purchase order which, for example, stores take to register a requirement with the distribution center or head office. Purchase requisitions are also created automatically by Replenishment Planning for order proposals generated.