maintenance task list

Plant Maintenance (PM)

Description of the procedure for maintaining a maintenance object.


Business object


Maintenance task lists (PM task lists) is the term used for all task lists that can be used in Plant Maintenanace.

The following types of task list exist in Plant Maintenance:

The general maintenance task list is not linked to a particular maintenance object. It can be used as reference when creating maintenance orders and other maintenance task lists.


A maintenance task list contains operations that describe the individual work steps. If greater detail is required, operations can be subdivided into sub-operations.

Operations can be performed sequentially, in parallel or overlapping with one another. Their temporal sequence is defined by relationships.

Operations and sub-operations can be processed internally or externally. The activities defined for an external operation are requested using orders.

Spares materials and resources that are required for the maintenance work can be planned in the operation.