Customer Master


The customer master contains data on the business partners with whom you have business links involving the exchange of products and/or services. An individual customer master record is created for every customer (apart from one-time customers). During sales and distribution processing, the system automatically copies the data necessary for the relevant transaction from the customer master record.

Customer data is important for FI as well as SD. To avoid data redundancy, all data, both accounting data and SD-specific data is maintained together in a common master record.

The customer company structure may be complex and different departments within the company may be responsible for different functions. For example, the invoice might be sent to the company head office while the goods are sent to the local branch. The different roles that a customer can take can be represented in the R/3-System:

· Sold-to party

· Bill-to party

· Payer

· Ship-to party

Selection Criteria

You cannot deselect this component if you have installed the SD module.