The Department/Staff Infotype (1003)


The Department/Staff infotype allows you to apply a staff flag to organizational units and positions, and a department flag to organizational units.


It is only used when you work with organizational units or positions, for two purposes:

A staff flag indicates that an organizational unit or position is not part of the normal reporting structure at your company, but rather reports directly to a high level position, or organizational unit. For example, the secretary of the CEO is not typically part of a company’s reporting structure, reporting instead directly to the CEO. Likewise, a company’s internal audit department may operate independently from the corporate organizational structure, and report to the CEO office, or Board of Directors.

It is necessary to apply department flags only when integration is active between Personnel Planning and Personnel Administration. Certain records are written from Personnel Planning to Personnel Administration when integration is active, and it is necessary to identify the organizational units that represent actual departments so that the appropriate information is transferred. (Organizational units do not necessarily represent departments. Units may represent teams, or groups, within a single department.)

If your company uses department flags, you must also make entries in table T7750, by entering PPABT PPABT for the flags to operate properly. Refer to the Personnel Planning and Development section of the Implementation Guide.

It is not mandatory to define this infotype. You must decide if it applies to your situation. You can maintain this infotype using Detail Maintenance, by creating infotype records one object at a time. Or, you can work in Simple Maintenance, where procedures are streamlined. See Setting Attributes in Simple Maintenance.

If you decide to maintain this infotype, you can request reports that list objects with staff flags. The RHXSTAB0 report (Staff Functions for Organizational Units) lists flagged organizational units, and the RHXSTAB1 report (Staff Functions for Positions) lists flagged positions.