Sending IDocs in Packets

Several IDocs can be grouped into one packet and sent in one transactional Remote Function Call (tRFC). This is advantageous for the following reasons:

To specify packet size for message types, in Customizing for ALE choose Communication ® Manual maintenance of partner profiles ® Maintain partner profile, and choose Inbound parameters. To specify the packet size select the message type required.

As a guide, packet size should be between 10 and 200 IDocs. The smaller the IDocs are, the larger the packet size can be. For message types which contain a lot of data, for example, GLROLL or ALEAUD, packet size should be between 1 and 10 IDocs.

If the IDocs are not going to be posted immediately in the receiving R/3 System, an IDoc packet can contain up to about 10000 data records. For example, if each IDoc contains 10 data records, a packet can contain as many as 1000 IDocs.