Index Life in Financial Accounting (FI)

In addition to document type lives and account type lives, you can also define index lives. The system distinguishes between secondary, account-based and document-based indexes:

The secondary index life and the archive index life determine whether and for how long an index for a document (based on the posting date and index removal program key date) should remain in the system following archiving. If the index life is longer than the account or document life, a document can be archived and deleted from the database while the information stored in the secondary index remains in the system.

Assume the archiving key date is 4/1/1996 and the secondary index life is 60 days. The posting date for document A is 3/15/1996, and for document B, 1/15/1996. It follows that at the time of archiving, the secondary index for A is not deleted when A is archived, but the index for B is.

You define secondary index lives and account type index lives in Customizing by following the menu path Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Document ® Accounting Document Archiving ® Define account type life. In addition to defining the account type life, you can also define the account type index life and secondary index life. Note that the index life must always be greater than or equal to the account life.

You define the archive index lives for document types in the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Document ® Accounting Document Archiving ® Define document type life. As above, this index life must always be greater than or equal to the account life.

The above indexes also enable you to view a document from the archive using the line item display function (accessed from the G/L, Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menus).

You can only display line items from an account if the secondary index still exists. From the line item display, it is then possible to access the documents stored in the archive file. Note that the system can only locate those documents for which the document type archive index still exists.

Document-based and account-based archive indexes are constructed when the archive is written. You make this setting when customizing the archiving object by selecting the indicator "Make index" under the technical settings for the archiving object "Financial accounting document".

If you accidentally delete a secondary, document-based or account-based index or need to reconstruct one for any reason, refer to the topic Starting the Index Construction Program for Documents (FI).

Further information on the archive index is contained in the Archive Documentation Kit under Extended Function Library Applications. This documentation is located in the R/3 Library under Basis Components ® ABAP/4 Development Workbench.

To learn about the settings that need to be in place to be able to use the function Display individual documents from the archive, refer to Displaying Documents from the Archive (FI).