Customizing for the FLC-OBJEKT Archiving Object (FI-LC)


You must maintain various archiving settings before starting the archiving programs. This includes the size of the archive file and the variants for running the delete program in test and production modes.


Archive File

The size of the archive file is specified in megabytes. SAP recommends a size between 10 and 100 megabytes.

Variants for the Delete Program

You have to enter variants for both the test run and production run of the delete program.

You must ensure that the Test run indicator is not selected in the production run variant for the delete program. If the test run indicator is selected, the records that have been archived will not be deleted from the database after they have been written to the archive files.

You must also ensure that the Test run indicator is selected in the test run variant for the delete program.

Commit Counter

The commit counter determines the number of data objects counted before the program sends a commit to the database. It is recommended that you enter between 10 and 100 as the commit counter.


To access the Customizing settings for the FLC-OBJEKT archiving object in the Consolidation application menu, choose Indiv.Fin.Stmts ® Archiving ® Create archive, then Goto ® Customizing. In the following dialog box, choose the technical settings option. For more information, see Customizing: Overview.