Variant Settings for Archiving (FI-LC)


When you create an archive file you should specify a variant that already exists or define a new one. The variant contains criteria for selecting totals records and journal entry records that you want to archive.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for selecting totals records and journal entries for archiving are:

You can enter either individual values or value intervals as selection criteria.

The system only archives records that meet the selection criteria you enter in the variant.

When should you use the company code as a selection criterion and when should you use the company?

You should define as many selection criteria as possible to reduce the processing time of the archive program, and you should always enter a ledger name and fiscal year.

If your consolidation processing ledger contains a large number of journal entries, you can archive these during the fiscal year for a specific period or for an interval of periods by making an entry in the Period field.

If you enter specific periods as selection criteria, you can only delete journal entries. You should select Only delete line items (the archiving program automatically sets this indicator if you enter periods as selection criteria). The corresponding totals record is not deleted. This is because the data in a totals record normally refers to 16 periods. A totals record can only be deleted if all periods are to be deleted for the journal entries.

Processing Options