Variant Settings for Reloading Archived Data (FI-LC)


Using the Reload function, you can retrieve archived data from archive files and load the data back into your online system.

You can reload an archive file as often as required. However, you should exercise caution when reloading because the system does not produce a log telling you whether archive files have already been reloaded into your system. As a result, your system could contain incorrect or duplicated data.

To reload an archive file, you must enter an existing variant or create a new one. The variant contains the selection criteria for the Consolidation totals records and journal entry records that you want to reload.


When creating the variant to reload archived data, you must make entries for the selection criteria, additional settings, and data records.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the totals records and/or journal entry records that you want to reload are:

You can enter either individual values or value intervals as selection criteria.

The system only reloads data records that meet the selection criteria you enter in the variant.

Enter as many selection criteria as possible to reduce the processing time of the reload program. You should always enter a ledger name and fiscal year.

Additional Settings

If you want to start the reload program in test mode, select Test run.

Data is not reloaded into your system. The system only reads the selected archive files according to the selection criteria you enter.

Data Records

Specify whether you want to reload totals records and/or journal entry records.

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