Maintaining Variant for Reloading Archived Data (FI-LC)

  1. On the SAP R/3 System screen, choose Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Consolidation, then Indiv.fin.stmts ® Archiving ® Reload archive.
  2. The Archive Management: Reload Archive screen appears.

  3. Enter a variant name and choose Maintain.
  4. The Maintain Variants: Report RGURELO0, Variant <Variant Name> screen appears.

  5. Enter the selection criteria, the additional settings, and data record information, as required.
  6. For more information about the data you enter on this screen, see Variant Settings for Reloading Archived Data (FI-LC).

  7. Choose Continue.
  8. The system displays another screen in which you must enter a description for your variant.

  9. Save your variant.
  10. Choose Back to return to the Archive Management: Reload Archive screen.
  11. Choose Archive selection.
  12. The system displays a list of archive sessions that contain data that has already been archived (that is, those files that have already been processed by the delete program).

    Select the archive run from which archived data should be retrieved.

  13. Enter the start date for the reload program and save your entries.
    You return to the previous screen.
  14. Enter the spool parameter information for the reload program.
  15. Once you have maintained the selection criteria, start date, and spool parameters, choose Create job to start the reload program.
  16. Choose Goto ® Job overview to display the status of the jobs you created.