The Print Screen


No matter where you start printing, the R/3 System almost always presents the print screen. In this screen, you tell the R/3 System which printer to use and how to treat your output request.

The picture below shows the print screen for lists, but the same screen is used for all printing. Questions on the fields in the screen? See below for more information.

Output Device Field

Type in the name of the printer you want to use. Click on the arrow to the right of the field to pick from a list of the available printers.

Or: If you are at a Microsoft Windows PC, enter the printer name LOCL to print on the default printer at your PC. (LOCL or LOHP (for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Printers that don’t have the PostScript option) also works at a UNIX workstation if the printer "__DEFAULT" is defined there.)

Number of Copies Field

Type in the number of copies of a document that you want to have. Be careful not to make unneeded copies of long lists or documents.

Name and Title Fields

These fields identify your output request in the SAP output controller. The R/3 System fills out the Name field automatically for you. You can change the name if you wish.

In the Title field, you can type in a short description of your output request to help you identify it.

Authorization Field

If you are printing sensitive data, then you can prevent other, unauthorized users from looking at the data in the R/3 output controller.

To lock out unauthorized users, type an authorization code in this field.

Not sure which code to enter? Check with your system administrator. The authorization codes need to be centrally chosen and managed.

Spool Control Fields

Use these options to tell the R/3 System how to treat your spool request.

The most important option: Print immed. Usually, you should mark this field. Then, the R/3 System sends your output request straight to the printer. Is the field unmarked? Then your output request is held in the output controller. It won’t be printed until you go to the output controller and send the output request to the printer.

Do you want to print only a couple of pages of a long list or document? Then leave Print immed. unmarked. When you print from the output controller, you can specify which pages to print. You can’t do that from the print screen.

For help with the other options, please use the F1 help on the print screen in the R/3 System.

Cover Sheets Fields

Use these fields to tell the R/3 System whether or not to print out a cover sheet on top of your output request.

The most important: the SAP cover sheet field. Blank out this field to tell R/3 NOT to print out a cover sheet. Let’s say, for example, that you’re printing on a printer in your own office. In this case, you don’t need a cover sheet to help you route the print output. You can blank out the field to prevent the system from printing a cover sheet.

Usually, you should leave the default setting in this field unchanged. The system administrator sets the default for printing a cover sheet individually for each printer.

Output Format Fields

These fields tell the R/3 System what format to use for printing your document -- the number of characters per line, for example.

Since the system automatically sets these fields, you should leave them unchanged unless you’re unsatisfied with the print result. For more help, please see the F1 help for these fields in the R/3 System.


The only choices that you really need to make are:

Don’t know the name of your printer, or your printer is not defined in R/3? No problem. Just enter LOCL as the printer name. The System then prints on the default printer of your Windows PC. As we just noted, the standard printer at your PC does not need to be defined in the R/3 System.

You can also use LOCL to print at a UNIX workstation. In this case, however, the printer __DEFAULT (underscore underscore DEFAULT) must be defined in your UNIX workstation. Again, the __DEFAULT printer does not need to be defined in the R/3 System. The R/3 definition for LOCL is enough.

If you get the message Printer name LOCL not defined when you press ENTER on the print screen, then this means that your administrator has not yet defined LOCL in the R/3 spool system. Ask him or her to do so. Your system administrator may also give you a different printer name to use for front-end printing.