Maintaining Forecast Parameters

You maintain forecast parameters in the material master record. In order to do this, proceed as is described below:

  1. Starting from the menu screen of the material master record, select Material ® Create general.
  2. Enter the material type, allocate it to an industry sector and press ENTER .
  3. The pop-up window Select View(s) appears on your screen.

  4. Select the Forecasting view and press ENTER .
  5. The Organizational Levels/Profiles pop-up window now appears.

  6. Because material requirements are forecast at plant level, you must enter the appropriate plant
  7. Press ENTER .
  8. The "Forecasting" data screen now appears.

  9. Fill in the data screen and save your entries via Material ® Save.

A more detailed description is given of the individual forecast parameters in the follwoing sections:

Forecast Parameters: Independent of the Forecast Model

Forecast Parameters: Dependent on the Forecast Model

For more information on maintaining the material master record, please refer to MM Managing Material Master Data.