Changing a Profile

When you change a profile, the system not only updates the changed values in the profile; it also generates a background job which updates all material master records that have this profile assigned to them. However, this applies only to changes that affect fixed values. A changed document is created automatically for all materials where such changes have occurred.

Material master records are updated by the background job PROFILE. The system generates this job automatically when a profile has been changed and runs overnight. If errors occur due to data incompatibility, the details are recorded in a log. The next day, you can check the log to see which material master records were affected by these errors, and then edit them manually.

This is how you change a profile in the material master:

  1. From the menu screen of the material master, Select Profile ® MRP profile or Forecast profile ® Change.
  2. The initial Change Profile screen appears.

  3. Enter the name of the profile and select Goto ® Selection screen.
  4. The selection screen appears. All the fields already included in the profile have a checkmark beside them.

  5. Make the desired changes:
  6. – Select new fixed values or default values.

    – Change fixed values to default values or vice versa.

    – Reset check marks.

  7. Select Goto ® Data screen.
  8. The data screen appears.

  9. Enter the changed values and save the profile with Profile ® Save.

You now return to the initial screen and can continue.

The same checks are run as when you create a profile (see Creating a Profile).

In addition, the system automatically generates the background job, PROFILE which is used to update the material master records. The background job is automatically started overnight. A background process is only created if you change several profiles on the same day.

If errors appear during the update due to data inconsistencies, then the system records these errors in a log. The next day, you use this log to identify the material master records for which an error was recorded, and you can then manually reprecess them.

If the background process shoud be terminated for any reason, then you have to request the update of the material master record manually by creating a background job for the program RMMM0001. You can use PROFILE again for the name of the background job or the job group; a variant is not required.