Release Criteria for Procurement Functions

You must enter the date until the material-vendor combination is available for procurement functions, such as quotations and purchase orders. Until this date is reached, quotations and purchase orders can be accepted and entered in the system for the material-vendor combination.

You can also stipulate that the material-vendor combination be available until the ordered quantity reaches the specified amount. If you set this indicator (Release qty active), you must also enter the ordered quantity limit.

The system totals the ordered quantity in the ordered quantity field of the Q-info record when a purchase order is released. When the ordered quantity exceeds the release quantity, no further purchase orders are allowed for the material-vendor combination.

You can reset the ordered quantity manually by choosing Edit ® Reset ordered qty from the menu bar. The system issues a warning message. When you confirm the message by choosing ENTER, the system sets the ordered quantity to 0 and resets the date to the current date.